Healer Produce Consulting Business

Healer Produce Consulting Business

Build an “ace position” for the therapist

In order for a treatment center to be selected by patients, it is essential to have the hospital’s unique strengths and core menus.
We will build products and services that maximize the value of the teacher and create an environment where they can play an active role.

《Produced by a healer》

We brand therapists and treatment clinics and provide thorough support from strategy to practical and employee training.

・ Those who want to clarify the strengths of themselves or the institute and brand them
・ Those who want to commercialize their technique and treatment theory
・ Those who want to start a school / association
・ Those who want to develop their own products
・ Those who want to publish

○ Branding of osteopathic clinic

接骨院のブランディング 戸田スポーツ接骨院写真
(Photo of Toda Sport Orthopedic Clinic)
In order to clarify our strengths, we will change the name, select corporate colors, build menus, and at the same time reform the awareness of employees.

○ Branding as a seminar lecturer

セミナー講師としてのブランディング 森永先生講義
(Lecture photo by Professor Morinaga)
Clarify the strengths and values ​​of teachers who have never been a seminar lecturer, and develop them in one bible.
We also perform seminars on behalf of customers.

○ Branding of the therapist



After the first two-hour meeting, we will ask about “the strengths and value creation of the institute / teacher” and “the vision of the institute in the future” and decide the future direction.

2、Business plan proposal

We will propose a business plan based on the information obtained at the first meeting.
3, orders
After clarifying the purpose and goal, we will receive an order.
4, regular meeting

Hold regular meetings to check progress and clarify issues
5. Execution and check / improvement


While executing the project, we will collect information, analyze it, identify new issues, and make improvements.
Amount of money)
☆ In case of advisory contract
200,000 yen (excluding tax) / month ☆ In case of project contract
1.2 million yen per project (excluding tax) ~ (half a year)
* Please bear the actual cost of site production in the project.
* Negotiable for publishing, product development and sales


We provide operational advice such as strategy planning at treatment clinics and therapists.


・ Those who want to improve the management of the treatment center but do not know what to start with
・ Those who want to attract customers to the treatment center
・ Those who want advice on employee training plans
・ Those who want to study the management of a treatment center

Amount of money)
Face-to-face consulting; 100,000 yen (excluding tax) / month (90 minutes)
Skype consulting; 50,000 yen (excluding tax) / month (60 minutes) * For face-to-face meetings, please come to the basic designated place. In addition, when you actually visit the hospital, you will be charged a transportation fee (actual cost).
* The first consultation is free (30 minutes).
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