Company Profile

【Company Profile】
Company name Bodysprout Co., Ltd.
head office 〒216-0006
3-12-3 B-123 Miyamaedaira, Miyamae-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa
contact information Tel : 044-863-7686
Fax : 044-861-0076
Representative CEO Atsushi Kobayashi
Founded April 14, 2006
Established April 30, 2015
Business content ・Osteopathic clinic, acupuncture and moxibustion massage clinic, manipulative clinic business
・FC business
・Healer Produce Consulting Business
・Product development business
・Health goods sales business
Financial institution ・Kawasaki Shinkin Bank Noborito Branch
May 2006 「miyamae machino Osteopathic clinic・miyamae machino Acupuncture and moxibustion massage clinic」Opening
April 2008 「viola Osteopathic clinic・viola Acupuncture and moxibustion massage clinic」Opening
October 2012 「Japan Practitioner Meister Training Association」Established
April 2013 Treatment center with a stoop correction meister「V-Style」Opening
April 2015 「Body Sprout Co., Ltd.」Established
November 2015 「Back streaks nobinobi Pillow®」 Launched
December 2015 Asahi Fitness Club Big S Mukaigaoka 「Viola Manipulative Institute」Opening
January 2016 Mail order business「nobinobi healthy life」start
January 2016 Books「Arrhythmia Angina Heal by yourself! Stop seizures!」Publishing
October 2016 Books「Sciatica cures on your own! Take the sweetbread!」Publishing
November 2016 Warm activity×Deep muscle EMS「Hottre」start
January 2017 Books「The cat’s back can be cured in 10 seconds!」Publishing
August 2017 hakudake-seitai®series「seitai-shorts」Launched
November 2017 「Back streaks nobinobi Pillow® mini」Launched
July 2018 Sacral cushion「Senritsu」Launched
September 2018 Books「Back pain can be eliminated with shorts!」Publishing
October 2018 hakudake-seitai®series「seitai-shorts NEO」Launched
February 2019 Books「The cat’s back heals! “Ear pita” pose while lying down」Publishing
June 2019 Books「A textbook with a posture that creates a spine that will not bend for the rest of your life」Publishing
June 2019 hakudake-seitai®series「seitai-pants ZERO」Launched
October 2019 hakudake-seitai®series「seitai-shorts NEO+」Launched
November 2019 hakudake-seitai®series「seitai-shorts LONG」Launched
January 2020 Skatto-seitai®First store「Skatto-seitai Saginuma store」Opening
June 2020 hakudake-seitai®series「seitai-shorts RIN」Launched
June 2020 Books「Cat back straightening stretch that lasts for 10 seconds while lying down」Publishing